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Thalu - Thalu

The Kids now have all eight special stones, and Hudson is convinced he has the key. The Kids encounter the Nannas, who tell them that if they are to win, everything is going to need to be in its right place. The Kids arrive at the Thalu - eight standing stones in a circle around a central stone. The kids realise they have to place the special stones on the matching standing stone. With the stones in place, Hudson places his key on the central stone - but nothing happens. Vinka steps forward - she is the key! She climbs up onto the central stone and starts to sing, summoning a giant tornado that sweeps across the land, into the Cloud, destroying it and revealing the Takers. The Kids have won! 'What do we do now?' asks Samara. 'We go home' says Vinka.

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11.36/14 12:30 pm