Roadtrip Nation: Making It Balance -

ROADTRIP NATION: MAKING IT BALANCE ventures into the world of accounting and auditing to explore a profession that defies stereotypes. The documentary follows three young adults driven by their passion for numbers and problem-solving, as they road trip around the country to explore career possibilities in business. One roadtripper, Da'Rell, is a young father who hopes to blaze trails, challenge perceptions, and create change in the industry as a black accounting student. He is joined on the road by Leilani, who hopes that auditing can give her the business savvy to one day open her own business and support her family in Guam. Finally, before starting her new job at a big accounting firm, roadtripper Sobia is ready to find mentors who can show her it's possible to succeed in accounting as a woman of color. Traveling around the country, Da'Rell, Leilani and Sobia meet industry professionals working in a wide range of roles, as well as people who've applied the skills they gained in accounting to pursue other dreams. They meet with WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert, who was the first female CEO of Deloitte, and sit down with leaders from: large accounting firms such as KPMG and PwC; CPA coaches from Intend2Lead; and even a financial reporting manager from LLOG Exploration, a company which looks for drilling prospects to source oil and gas from the Gulf of Mexico. Later, the roadtrippers learn how Michael Horsey and his partners built the minority-controlled firm Horsey, Buckner & Heffler, and how Dawn Brolin was named one of the most powerful women in accounting.

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