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Laura Flanders Show - Marjorie Kelly on the Capitalism Crisis: 'Wealth Supremacy' is Killing Us

"Capital bias" prioritizes wealth over people and the planet. What are the consequences? That question is at the core of "Wealth Supremacy: How the Extractive Economy and the Biased Rules of Capitalism Drive Today's Crises", the new book from Marjorie Kelly. There's too much financial wealth in our system, she says, yet capitalism encourages us to keep scaling up, building our portfolios and maximizing profits. Like white supremacy, wealth supremacy is both entirely obvious and oddly hidden. But it shows up everywhere, and it's brought us to a deadly brink. What is to be done? As you'll hear in the episode, meaningful conversations about wealth supremacy can help us shift away from capitalism and imagine better economic models. Tune in as Marjorie Kelly and Laura Flanders do just that. Marjorie Kelly is a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Democracy Collaborative and a longtime business observer. Her book is out now via Berrett-Koehler Press. "...Big capital is out there right now buying water rights... Communities are saying no ...water needs to be declared a public trust. You have these two completely different worldviews, which really show us we can have a financialized world or we can have a democratic world ..." - Marjorie Kelly "White supremacy and wealth supremacy are entirely entangled and you can't solve for racial equity without also looking at this wealth inequity. It hits people of color hardest, but it's hitting all of us, including the planet." - Marjorie Kelly

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