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Bridging Divides: Sharing Heartbeats -

BRIDGING DIVIDES: SHARING HEARTBEATS profiles six organizations bringing people together whose beliefs, experiences and opinions may differ but who are united in their desire to find a common bond. The film asks pertinent questions about diversity and community, seeking ways to bridge the issues and ideas that divide us. In Northern Ireland's PeacePlayers program, Catholic and Protestant youth unite on and off the basketball court to break historical divisions. At the U.S.-Mexico border, Fandango Fronterizo - an annual music festival - creates a shared experience for people divided by a physical wall. In Omaha, Nebraska, a synagogue, mosque and church share a campus and interfaith center that brings the community together. The film also shares the work of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom, an organization of Jewish and Muslim women; an Israeli and Palestinian youth chorus in Jerusalem; and the Chicago Children's Choir, which has brought diverse young people together through music since 1956. Through these different stories, the film highlights how polarized groups can develop a greater understanding and respect for each other. In putting aside grievances, people discover shared interests and become enriched by the experience. BRIDGING DIVIDES reveals ways we all can learn to overcome our differences and find common ground.

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