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Divided We Fall: Listening with Curiosity -

DIVIDED WE FALL: LISTENING WITH CURIOSITY expands upon the conversations introduced in the documentary DIVIDED WE FALL: UNITY WITHOUT TRAGEDY, which focused on how two groups of strangers, divided over then President Trump, came to listen to each other with curiosity, see each other's humanity, and form bonds across political divides. LISTENING WITH CURIOSITY shows viewers how those bonds have endured. The program spotlights eight original cast members, equally ideologically divided between Red and Blue, who reunited for a screening of the original film and discussion with a live audience in April 2022. The new program presents the original UNITY WITHOUT TRAGEDY documentary to viewers, then includes highlights from the reunion screening and Q&A discussion. The program also features three experts in the field of conflict resolution who discuss the hope they see in the experiment.

Series Website: https://www.dividedwefalltv.org

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