KTWU Golf Classic

A Great Day of Golf to Support KTWU Programming
Brought to You by Azura Credit Union

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KTWU Golf Classic Survey

What was the primary factor in your decision to participate in tournament?
If KTWU considered a venue change to Firekeeper at Prairie Band, Lake Shawnee, Cypress Ridge, Colbert Hills, or Manhattan Country Club in the future to help us maintain or lower our tournament costs would you still be interested in participating with us?
  • Firekeeper
  • Lake Shawnee
  • Cypress Ridge
  • Colbert Hills
  • Manhattan Country Club
Considering all the benefits you have received and/or will receive in relation to what you paid, please rate the value of today’s event.
Did you like the time of year during which we conducted the tournament?
If you answered “no” above, when would you prefer to see it in the future?
Please rate this tournament’s player amenity package items.