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Membership FAQ

Contact Information

What is KTWU’s Phone Number?
Our phone number is 800-866-5898.

Program Guides

My program guide didn’t arrive!
If you miss an issue of the KTWU program guide it may mean that it has been lost in the mail, that we don’t have your correct address, or that your membership has expired. Whatever the reason, please contact us at 800-866-5898. We’ll replace the missing issue, supply permitting.

Why did I get two program guides?
If you receive two copies of the KTWU program guide or any of our mailings, you may be on our mailing list twice. Please send us the two address labels or send us an e-mail.


Thank-you Gifts, MemberCards and Purchases

When will my thank-you gift arrive?
If you requested a thank-you gift when you made your contribution, it will be mailed to you via US Mail, DHL or UPS and should arrive in six to eight weeks. If it has been longer than that, please contact us.

Where’s my Membercard?
We do not mail MemberCards automatically. If you requested one when you made your contribution, it should arrive in three to four weeks after we process your gift. If it fails to arrive, please let us know.

Where can I purchase KTWU products?
At the KTWU Store you can purchase television programs produced by KTWU and KTWU merchandise.


Mailing Questions

Why did I receive this mail when I am already a member?
Because only one out of every ten viewers supports KTWU, acquiring new members is an important part of securing KTWU’s future. In order to reach potential new members, we purchase mailing lists from other organizations. We try to eliminate the names of current members from these mailings, but occasionally duplications will occur. We hope you’ll pass these invitations along to a friend.

Does KTWU sell or exchange my mailing address?
KTWU does not sell, exchange, or lease our membership list to any organization or entity.

What if I move?
If you move, please let us know by using our change of address form.


Membership Contributions

When will my membership be due for renewal?
Your membership is for a full year. Towards the end of that time, we’ll send you a renewal notice so you can continue as a member for another year. For your convenience, your membership renewal date is printed on the mailing label of your KTWU program guide.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Contributions to KTWU are tax deductible as provided by law. However, any deduction must be reduced by the fair market value of any gift you receive except the program guide and MemberCard which are excluded under present guidelines.

Not finding the information you’re looking for here
….contact our Membership department by email