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On this episode of !nspire, we discuss the history and stigmas of cannabis. Included on the discussion are Kelly Rippel, Co-Founder of Kansans for Hemp; Amy Reid, President of Kansas Cannabis Coalition; and Doctor Currie Myers, Consultant and Retired Sheriff for Johnson County.

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Home Repair

We Talk with Janice Watkins and Nikki MacMillan, from Habitat for Humanity, about some easy home maintenance.

Habitat for Humanity offers home repair services including painting, accessibility modifications, weatherization and minor repair services to preserve home exteriors.

More information can be obtained at the Habitat For Humanity website.


Cannabis & Hemp

Cannabis is actually a broader classification that contains both hemp plants and marijuana plants.

Get more information on where the State of Kansas stands from one of the most comprehensive source of international legal updates, analysis and insights. Lexology

Many sources are pointing to information that more senior citizens are starting to use marijuana to manage pain and opioid addiction. See this PBS NewsHour report on the subject.

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