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“Inspire”, a new series featuring inspirational stories about women making moves in communities, politics, families, history, career and life; along with discussion of the issues impacting women on a daily basis. Join !nspire Hosts Betty Lou Pardue, Danielle Norwood, Amy Kelly, Amber Dickinson and Leslie Fleuranges. Inspiring Women, Inspiring You…on KTWU!

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Season 4

EPISODE 401: Setting and Accomplishing Goals

There are many benefits for achieving what we set our minds to, including that feeling of accomplishment that pushes us to create more goals. But where do we begin? On this episode of !nspire, to discuss setting and accomplishing our goals are: Phelica Glass, motivational speaker and therapist; and Dr. Melia Stockham, author of The
Productivity Spectrum.

Gardening: Soil and Dirt

Shawnee County Extension Master Gardener Linda Jakle service explains the differences in this gardening segment.

Find out more information about
The Dirt on Soil

Closeup of sunflower in a field of sunflowers.

EPISODE 402: Kansas Day

We celebrate Kansas’ statehood on !nspire! Commemorating the admission of Kansas State as the 34th member of the United States in 1861. Remember the history of Kansas through the eyes of notable women in Kansas history and get !nspired to create our own Kansas-themed wreath.

Kansas Day

Phil Reaka, Retired Teacher and local historian, talks about how Kansas Day was first celebrated in 1877 by schoolchildren in Paola and is now an annual celebration throughout the state, including in Johnson County. 

EPISODE 403: Love Your Home

Are you in love with your home? Sometimes all you need is a little refresher to revitalize that long lost love with your home. On this show, we talk to an expert about using floral arrangements and decor accents to add that perfect touch of flair and elegance to your home..

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit organization that helps people in your community and around the world build or improve a place they can can call home.  Find out how to volunteer in your area: http://www.habitat.org

EPISODE 404: Finding Love After 50

Anyone over fifty and realizing how hard it is to find that special someone to spend the best years of our life with? Coming up on inspire, discussion on where to go, what to say, how to find love after fifty. Our guest for this discussion is Genevieve Gresset, Vice President of Public Relations and Communications for the Matchmaking Company

Other Resources:
Dating After 50: What You Need to Know

I Heart Cello

I Heart Cello Day is part of the Topeka Cello Collective’s community events. It is all about fellowship. Area cello students participate in a day long workshop followed by an evening concert. More information about the Topeka Cello Collective can be found at Topeka Cello Collective

EPISODE 405: Positive Friendships

Good friends are good for your health. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times and prevent isolation and loneliness. However, as an adult it can be difficult to make new friends and it can be hard to let go of negative friendships. Dr. Marisa Franco, NY Times Bestselling author of Platonic: How The Science of Attachment Can Help You Make and Keep Friends, joins our !nspire hosts to discuss the power of positive friendships, help identify unhealthy friendships, and ideas on how to make new friends.

Find Out What Type of Friend You Are
A platonic friendship questionnaire

Granny Basketball

The founder’s goal of Granny Basketball was to provide competitive exercise appropriate for large numbers of women, not just those who played basketball in high school and/or college, or those who are tall and/or strong. Learn more about Granny Basketball

EPISODE 406: Kindness In Kansas

What does being kind mean to you? On this episode of !nspire, we talk about kindness, the benefits, and how we can incorporate kindness into our everyday activities. Joining us to discuss kindness are Steve and Dorthy Halley of the Family Peace Initiative .

Find Out More About Why Kindness Matters 
A boost to life satisfaction and physical and mental well-being.

A Story About Ice
We hear from author and Topeka native Amy Brady about her book “Ice: From Mixed Drinks to Skating Rinks – A Cool History of a Hot Commodity”.

Someone cutting chicken fried steak

EPISODE 407: Comfort Cooking

In this episode we’re indulging in the warmth and deliciousness of comfort cooking, sampling the cuisine of area chefs.

7.8.5 Kitchen
Chef LaVale Jackson serves Soul Food classics from his kitchen at 2028 SW Gage Blvd in Topeka. Check out some of the offerings at the 785kitchen website.

The Flavor Wagon
Chef Tre’Jor Hopkins dishes up Power Bowls, Street Tacos and Chicken Frites from his food truck, and also offers catering, charcuterie and meal prep services. Visit their Flavorwagon website to find out what else they create.

The Breaking Bread Program
A non-profit founded by Chef Tre’Jor Hopkins; the Breaking Bread Program
is a grass root effort to feed folks in our community that need a
little extra love. More information about this program can be found on the website flavorwagon.com/breaking-bread-program

EPISODE 408: Women and Loneliness

In this episode we discuss Women and Loneliness. Here with us today to discuss the impacts of loneliness and isolation on society is Dr. Bassima Schebly, Associate Professor of Social Work at Washburn University and Jenny Lamb, Social Work lecturer at Washburn University.

The risks of social isolation
Lack of social connection heightens health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day or having alcohol use disorder. It’s also been found that loneliness and social isolation are twice as harmful to physical and mental health as obesity. Find out more about this topic from the American Psychological Association.  

Crushing it in the rink
The Capital City Crushers are part of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association. The WFTDA governs and promotes the sport of flat track roller derby and revolutionizes the role of women in sports through the collective voice of its member leagues around the world. Find out more about the Capital City Crushers.   

EPISODE 409: Women and Alcohol

In this episode we discuss Women and Alcohol. Joining us to discuss the impact of alcohol on women is Nancy Lollman, of New Dawn Wellness and Recovery.

What Are the Health Risks?
While alcohol misuse by anyone presents serious public health concerns, women who drink have a higher risk of certain alcohol-related problems compared to men. Get more information about this topic from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.  

An unmistakably fresh take on a night out
Nostalgia Room’s name comes from the owner’s childhood visits to a special room in her her grandparents house dedicated to memory. Their intention is to serve, accommodate, and cater to those choosing to abstain from alcohol, for whatever that reason may be. Find out more about the Nostalgia Room.

Path in a Garden Image

EPISODE 410: Inspiring Gardens

In this episode we  step out of the studio and talk with Ann Palmer, Master Gardener who spearheaded the Bethany Gardens project at Topeka High School. 

Bethany Gardens
Bethany House & Garden is situated on ground which was once home to the Kanza, or Kaw, People. Bethany Place is part of a 20-acre parcel given in 1860 by the founders of Topeka to the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas to build a school for girls. Our focus on education at the Garden retains our ties to the original purpose. Portions of the original land now house Grace Cathedral and Topeka High School as well as three diocesan buildings. More information can be found at the Bethany Gardens website.  

Shawnee County Extension Office
Lane Wiens from The Shawnee County Extension office discusses tips on the growing season, and varieties of plants for this area. There are many more gardening resources which can be found from the K-State Research and Extension website.

EPISODE 411: Rebel Riders

This episode of inspire features a discussion with  Indy Saini, filmmaker and producer for the documentary film, “Women in the Front Seat”

Women in the Front Seat
Fierce, Bold, Fast, Brave. Women in the Front Seat paints a vibrant and diverse picture of women who not only drive their motorcycles but drive their lives. Filmmaker Indy Saini challenges her own fears to capture their inspiring stories. Learn more about this film at Women In The Front Seat.  

Women On Wheels
From Jeeps to Corvettes KTWU met up and talked with some rebel riders at it’s annual Women On Wheel event. Take a look at some of the sights from this years event on the KTWU Facebook page 

Brown v. Board Headline in Topeka Journal

EPISODE 412: Brown v. Board 70th Anniversary

The Brown v. Board decision continues to impact generations. Joining to help us learn about the history and our continued fight for equality are Cheryl Brown Henderson, Founding President of the Brown Foundation for Educational Equity, Excellence and Research, Glenda Washington, Co-Chair of the 70th Anniversary Brown coalition and Dr. Beryl New, Co-Chair of 70th anniversary Brown coalition

Brown v. Board
In May of 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling in the case of Brown versus the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas. This case focused national attention on the practice of maintaining racially segregated public schools, which was a common practice at that point in time.  Watch KTWU’s Black, White and Brown.  

Impact on Younger Generations
Cheryl Brown Henderson along with LeTiffany Obozele, KNEA staff attorney discuss what the Brown decision means for our younger generations. 

EPISODE 413: Season 4 In Review

It’s our annual season in review! We review our season 4 episodes and discuss eye-opening moments, impactful topics, remember the guests that joined us for season 4, and of course, the funnies.  

EPISODE 414: Honoring Cancer Survivors

On this episode of !nspire, we honor the bravery of women battling cancer and those who made it through. We talk to survivors, families, and honor those whose lives were lost. We also discuss preventative measures and  the resources they can access when going through a loved one with cancer.  


American Cancer Society in Kansas

The University of Kansas Cancer Center

The Kansas Cancer Partnership

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Cancer Prevention Control

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