The Red Green Show

If you've never had this viewer favorite in your schedule, maybe it s time to take Red out for a test drive. It's good clean humor and sage advice for that ever-growing population of middle-aged men and the women who "at least find them handy." Red is backed by a talented cast of characters who help keep things interesting at Possum Lodge.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

The Cement Load 11.16/6 8:00 am
The Gas Shortage 11.16/13 8:00 am 11.16/13 10:06 pm 11.36/13 11:31 pm
The Lost Dog 11.16/27 8:00 am 11.16/27 10:08 pm 11.36/27 11:31 pm
Trout Season 11.16/20 8:00 am 11.16/20 10:07 pm 11.36/20 11:30 pm