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Quilting Arts

Quilting Arts promises a new look for quilting television, with something for everyone who loves quilting. The show combines basic traditional quilt techniques every quilter needs to know with contemporary art designs and techniques. Host Patricia (Pokey) Bolton, invites quilt artists each week into her studio to share their expertise. She opens each show with a short feature relating to the show's theme. Tech savvy quilters will love the weekly digital segments. Also featured on each show is Sue Hausmann in a machine quilting segment.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Applique Two Ways 11.15/28 1:30 pm
Artful Imagery 11.14/23 1:30 pm
Contemporary Applique 11.14/2 1:30 pm
Explore Design with Drawing and Color 11.15/21 1:30 pm
Exploring Color 11.14/30 1:30 pm
Innovate! 11.15/7 1:30 pm
Paint and Dye 11.14/9 1:30 pm
Quilting By Machine 11.15/14 1:30 pm
Surface Design Sampler 11.14/16 1:30 pm