Math rules in the animated adventure series CYBERCHASE. CYBERCHASE energizes kids ages eight to eleven with math power. Full of cyber-mysteries with eye-popping animation and a sly comic flair, the daily series features the voices of Christopher Lloyd and Gilbert Gottfried. CYBERCHASE sends the message that math is fun - it's about problem solving and, boy, does it come in handy. When the dastardly villain Hacker (Lloyd) launches a mad mission to conquer the virtual universe, Motherboard calls upon three earth kids for help. They are Jackie, Matt and Inez - the culturally diverse heroes of CYBERCHASE - who, along with the wise-cracking cyber-bird Digit (Gottfried), travel from their real-world realm to the colorful virtual vistas of cyberspace, where they vanquish the bad guys in an all-out battle of wits. Each episode takes the kids on a thrilling adventure driven by a different math concept - from tackling time in ancient Egyptian tombs to cracking codes in creepy caves or making sense of numbers in a fractured fairy tale world.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Reboot Eve to Remember 11.112/23 7:30 am
Back to Canalia's Future 11.111/11 7:30 am
Clean-Up On Isle 8 11.111/18 7:30 am
Escape from Merlin's Maze 11.111/25 7:30 am
Hacker Hugs A Tree 11.112/2 7:30 am
Hacker's Bright Idea 11.112/9 7:30 am
Trees, Please 11.111/4 7:30 am 11.112/30 7:30 am
Weather Or Not, Part 1 11.112/16 7:30 am