Central Texas Gardener

Central Texas Gardener delivers hands-on tips and techniques, plant cultivation, and design inspiration to assist novice and veteran gardeners wherever they live. Visits behind personal garden gates spark imagination; Backyard Basics demonstrates how to do it; Down To Earth answers top viewer questions; and host Tom Spencer joins ground-breaking gardeners for in-depth conversations. From vegetables to plants for wildlife, the eco-friendly approach promotes water-wise practices and sensitivity to resourceful gardening.

Series Website: http://www.klru.org/ctg/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Coastal Conditions 11.38/12 2:30 pm
Fabulous Ferns 11.38/24 2:30 pm
Firescape Design 11.37/1 2:30 pm
Flashy Flowers 11.38/17 2:30 pm
Gardening with Snakes 11.38/19 2:30 pm
Gorgeous Gardens In Drought 11.37/13 2:30 pm
Grow for Good Health 11.38/3 2:30 pm
Hot Weather Champions 11.37/27 2:30 pm
Houseplant Haven 11.38/31 2:30 pm
How-To Dry Creek Beds 11.37/22 2:30 pm
Indoor Articulture 11.37/6 2:30 pm
Latest, Greatest Roses 11.37/20 2:30 pm
Native Groundcovers 11.37/15 2:30 pm
Options for Invasive Plants 11.37/8 2:30 pm
Plant Parenting 11.38/26 2:30 pm
Pond Designs 11.38/5 2:30 pm
Start with Organic Seeds 11.38/10 2:30 pm
The Wellness Garden 11.37/29 2:30 pm