Katie Brown Workshop

With her Midwestern charm, girl-next-door persona and "keep it simple" ethic, Katie Brown demonstrates how to make a house a home in her new series, KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP. Everyday life at home is a joyous adventure for Katie, whether she is planning and cooking a dinner party, working in her garden, redecorating a room or meeting the daily needs of a young family. Her imaginative and budget-conscious approach to the home arts has been a breath of fresh air for a new generation of homemakers, earning her praise from People Magazine as "TV's meat-and-potatoes Martha Stewart." From her real-life workshop, Katie uses seasonal foods and colors to prepare simple and enjoyable meals, demystify the science of gardening and transform holiday decorations into works of art.

Series Website: http://www.katiebrown.com

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Best of Gifts 11.37/25 3:00 pm 11.38/27 3:00 pm
Best of Summer 11.37/30 3:00 pm 11.38/29 3:00 pm
Fun Fete 11.37/18 3:00 pm 11.38/20 3:00 pm
Herbalicious 11.37/16 3:00 pm 11.38/15 3:00 pm
How to Blend The Old with the New When Remodeling 11.37/9 3:00 pm 11.38/8 3:00 pm
Kitchen Confidential: The Nuts and Bolts of a Kitchen Renovation 11.37/2 3:00 pm 11.38/6 3:00 pm
Minty Holiday 11.37/11 3:00 pm 11.38/13 3:00 pm
Refreshing Remodeling 101 11.38/1 3:00 pm
Regional Garden 11.37/23 3:00 pm 11.38/22 3:00 pm