Super Why!

This series focuses on the adventures of four fairytale friends who transform into reading-powered superheroes: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power, Wonder Red with Word Power, Princess Presto with Spelling Power, Super Why with the Power to Read and Super YOU with the Power to Help. Together, they are the "Super Readers!" The Super Readers jump into books (literally) to find answers to everyday preschool challenges and embark on exciting adventures, where they play interactive reading games to overcome obstacles and save the day. In every episode, young viewers dive directly into a pop-up story to experience a brightly-illustrated children's tale brought to magical life.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Cinderella: The Prince's Side of the Story 11.17/9 12:30 pm
Judith's Happy Chanukah 11.17/5 12:30 pm
King Midas 11.17/11 12:30 pm
Little Bo Peep 11.16/19 12:30 pm
Roxie's Missing Music Book 11.16/20 12:30 pm
The Alphabet's Sad Day 11.16/11 12:30 pm
The Banana Mystery 11.16/18 12:30 pm
The Beach Day Mystery 11.16/3 12:30 pm
The Big Game 11.16/7 12:30 pm
The City Mouse and the Country Mouse 11.17/8 12:30 pm
The Comic Book: Attack of the Eraser 11.16/5 12:30 pm
The Cookbook 11.16/4 12:30 pm
The Cowgirl Mystery 11.16/12 12:30 pm
The Emperor's New Clothes 11.16/21 12:30 pm
The Mixed Up Story 11.16/24 12:30 pm
The Prince and the Pauper 11.17/3 12:30 pm
The Rhyming Carnival 11.16/26 12:30 pm
The Sheep Who Lost Little Bo Peep 11.17/10 12:30 pm
The Silly Word Play 11.16/28 12:30 pm
The Story of the Super Readers 11.16/13 12:30 pm
The Story of the Tooth Fairy 11.16/6 12:30 pm
The Swiss Family Robinson 11.17/1 12:30 pm
The Three Billy Goats Gruff 11.16/27 12:30 pm
The Three Little Pigs: The Return of the Wolf 11.17/12 12:30 pm
The Twelve Dancing Princesses 11.16/25 12:30 pm
The Underwater Lost Treasure 11.16/14 12:30 pm
The Unhappy Puppy 11.16/10 12:30 pm
Tilden The Caterpillar 11.17/2 12:30 pm
Tom Thumb 11.16/17 12:30 pm