Doc Martin

DOC MARTIN is a catchy comedy drama that stars Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) as Martin Ellingham, whose truculence and tactless manner causes mayhem in a small Cornish community. The series details the trials and tribulations of the brash Ellingham, once a celebrated London surgeon who left his job after developing a phobia to blood. After retraining as a general practitioner, he gets a job in the beautiful but sleepy village of Portwenn, replacing their deceased local doctor-but his abrasive personality doesn't exactly mesh with the pace of life in Cornwall.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Facta Non Verba 11.11/5 7:00 pm 11.31/11 9:31 pm
Faith 11.12/16 7:00 pm 11.32/22 9:30 pm
Farewell, My Lovely 11.12/2 7:00 pm 11.32/8 9:30 pm
From The Mouths of Babes 11.12/23 7:00 pm
Mysterious Ways 11.11/19 7:00 pm 11.31/25 9:30 pm
Other People's Children 11.31/4 9:30 pm
Sons and Lovers 11.11/26 7:00 pm 11.32/1 9:30 pm
The Doctor Is Out 11.11/12 7:00 pm 11.31/18 9:30 pm