Wyland's Art Studio

In WYLAND'S ART STUDIO, marine-life artist and environmental conservationist Wyland - best-known for his epic series of 91 life-size marine murals - takes viewers step-by-step through the creation of one of his vibrant photorealistic paintings. Wyland works on canvas with non-toxic water-based oil paint to re-create scenes from the Pacific Ocean. His subjects include: bottlenose dolphins, orcas, seascapes, sea lions, coral reef, sea otters, turtles, Great White Sharks, Gray Whales, Emperor Penguins, pelicans, whale tails and kissing dolphins. In keeping with his eco-conscious approach to painting, Wyland closes each episode with a tip for helping the environment.

Series Website: http://wylandartstudio.com/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Blue Moon Seascape 11.12/27 2:30 pm
Florida Keys Sunset 11.13/12 2:30 pm
Lion King 11.12/13 2:30 pm
Orca Breaching 11.13/19 2:30 pm
Orcas Below 11.13/5 2:30 pm
Pipeline Wave 11.13/26 2:30 pm
Queen Angelfish 11.12/6 2:30 pm
Seahorse 11.12/20 2:30 pm