Modern Pioneering with Georgia Pellegrini

In her public television debut, chef, bestselling author and outdoor expert Georgia Pellegrini shares recipes, projects and skills for a self-sufficient life, and introducing viewers to memorable characters along the way. Throughout MODERN PIONEERING, Georgia helps viewers hone new skills in the kitchen with refreshing recipes; offers gardening tips for all spaces (including urban fire escapes); and showcases DIY projects such as watermelon kegs, handcrafted paper and homemade survival kit. At the same time, she teaches viewers to waste nothing while rolling up their sleeves and tapping into their pioneer spirit. Traveling the country, Georgia also highlights artisans and craftsmen who are modern pioneers, as well as extraordinary food heroes with uplifting and moving personal stories.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Artisans of Charleston 11.34/22 4:30 pm
Discover Your Roots 11.35/20 4:30 pm
Entertaining at Home 11.34/15 4:30 pm
Go West, Young Woman 11.34/8 4:30 pm
Heritage of the Lowcountry 11.35/6 4:30 pm
Into The Garden 11.35/13 4:30 pm
Into The Wild 11.34/1 4:30 pm 11.35/27 4:30 pm
Traditions In Tuscany 11.34/29 4:30 pm