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American Woodshop

Host Scott Phillips, an American woodworking master, shares time-honored tips and new techniques in the construction of projects you can do at home. From an Annie Oakley Dry Sink to a Chippendale High Boy, Scott guides you through the process of building tables, chairs, benches, medicine cabinets, cupboards, plant and candle stands, serving spoons, salad bowls and a storage chest . A master woodworker with a personable style thorough knowledge of his craft, Phillips's reverence for the intricacies of wood and its possibilities has helped make AMERICAN WOODSHOP a favorite among ptv audiences.

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American Ladder-Back Rocker and One Up-Cycled Iron-Backed Mahogany Garden Bench 11.33/5 8:00 am
Antique Door Glass Display Case 11.33/19 8:00 am
Art Glass Light Box/Arch Top Window for Suzy's Barn Woodshop 11.14/17 1:00 pm
Arts and Crafts Oak Stand 11.13/6 1:00 pm 11.33/26 8:00 am
Finishing Like A Pro 11.13/27 1:00 pm 11.34/16 8:00 am
Furniture Repair and Restorations 11.14/3 1:00 pm 11.34/23 8:00 am
Furniture Restorations 11.13/16 11:30 am
Live Edge Windsor Inspired Bench 11.14/6 11:30 am
Live-Edge Display Shelves 11.13/20 1:00 pm 11.34/9 8:00 am
Live-Edge Stands for Scroll-Sawn Accent Lights 11.14/10 1:00 pm 11.34/30 8:00 am
River Display Table 11.13/23 11:30 am
Scroll Saw Art and Sign Making 11.14/27 11:30 am
The Ultimate Game Table Ches 11.33/12 8:00 am
Turning Kitchen Gifts 11.14/13 11:30 am
Vintage Glass Candy Cabinet Circa 1930s 11.13/30 11:30 am
Walnut Conference Table 11.14/24 1:00 pm
Willow and Elm Furniture 11.13/13 1:00 pm 11.34/2 8:00 am
Woodcraft Magazine Tool Organizer 11.14/20 11:30 am