Great Decisions In Foreign Policy

This award-winning series dedicates one episode to each of America's foreign policy challenges. From global organized crime networks to the rise of China's military, each episode gives armchair diplomats a deeper understanding of the challenges facing America in 2010.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

China's Maritime Build-Up 11.37/8 6:00 am
Crossroads: America's Defense Strategy 11.36/3 6:00 am
Global Health: Preventing Pandemic 11.36/17 6:00 am
International Trade 11.37/1 6:00 am
Latin America 11.37/29 6:00 am
Saudi Arabia 11.37/15 6:00 am
South Africa: in the Shadow of Mandela 11.36/10 6:00 am
The European Union 11.36/24 6:00 am
The Geopolitics of Oil 11.37/22 6:00 am