Knit and Crochet Now!

The entertaining KNIT & CROCHET NOW! features the top designers and experts in the field. In each episode, a rotating cast of talented and experienced needle artists, each of whom demonstrates popular techniques for creating lace, purses, patterns, felting and many other items. Field pieces also highlight the latest industry news, the best knitting and crochet blogs, and interviews with those on the cutting-edge of color and apparel design.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Carry Along Bags 11.12/28 1:30 pm
Dolly Long Legs 11.12/7 1:30 pm
Downton Abbey-Inspired Gloves 11.12/14 1:30 pm
Dress Up The Pup 11.13/21 1:30 pm
Itty Bitty Baby Projects 11.13/7 1:30 pm
Shaped Cardigans 11.12/21 1:30 pm
Slip Into Slippers 11.33/27 10:00 am
Springtime Tees 11.32/1 10:00 am 11.13/28 1:30 pm
Unique Accessories 11.13/14 1:30 pm
Versatile Shawls 11.33/22 10:00 am
Vested Interest 11.33/29 10:00 am