New Scandinavian Cooking

Shot entirely on location, NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING offers a rich visual tour of Nordic cuisine, culture and history. Award-winning TV host, food journalist and cookbook author Andreas Viestad treats viewers to an eye-opening voyage through his native Norway, where he creates tantalizing recipes with unusual ingredients against stunning natural backdrops. In several episodes, two guest chefs - Sara La Fountain and Claus Meyer - join Andreas on his culinary adventures through Finland and Denmark.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Arctic Fire 11.32/19 4:30 pm
Burning Sweet Desire 11.33/18 4:30 pm
Burning Water & Melted Butter 11.32/5 4:30 pm
Campfire Fish 11.33/4 4:30 pm
Flavor of Roasted Coffee 11.32/12 4:30 pm
Flavors of the Eternal Forest 11.33/25 4:30 pm
Hay Smoked Salmon 11.32/26 4:30 pm
Roasted Coastal Lamb & Dried Kelp 11.33/11 4:30 pm