Sew It All

Hosted by Ellen March, Sew It All teaches a fundamental sewing technique and a quick-and-easy project that utilizes the technique. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced sewist, you'll love the casual, fun vibe and no-fear approach that Sew it All offers. You'll learn how to make the most out of your sewing machine investment (no matter how much your machine cost), and you'll expand your machine's capabilities by using different attachments, feet, stitches and great products that make sewing much easier than ever before. A special guest joins Ellen on each episode to share different takes on traditional methods and inspire you to sew it all!

Recent and Upcoming Airings

All About Buttons, Jill Gorski 11.32/16 10:30 am 11.12/24 2:30 pm
Bathrobe Beauty, Erin Sundet 11.32/23 10:30 am 11.13/24 2:30 pm
Best Dressed, Denise Wild 11.12/10 2:30 pm 11.32/12 10:30 am
Diy Undies, Monica Bravo 11.12/3 2:30 pm 11.32/9 10:30 am 11.33/12 10:30 am
Lovely In Leather, Justine Abbitt 11.32/5 10:30 am 11.33/7 10:30 am
Pickup Artist Skirt, Melissa Mora 11.32/2 10:30 am 11.33/5 10:30 am
Pleather & Studs, Beth Bradley 11.32/19 10:30 am
Serger Success, Sarai Mitnick & Alyson Clair 11.32/14 10:30 am 11.12/17 2:30 pm
Tee Style, Stephanie Ohnmacht 11.32/7 10:30 am 11.33/9 10:30 am
To The Maxi Skirt, Laura Wyatt 11.32/28 10:30 am
True Collars, Deborah Moebes 11.32/26 10:30 am 11.13/31 2:30 pm
Up In Arms, Erin Currie 11.32/21 10:30 am
Zipper Pillows, Amanda Niederhauser 11.33/2 10:30 am