The Jazzy Vegetarian

The Jazzy Vegetarian speaks to health conscious people of all ages, focusing on nutritious, delicious, and easy-to-prepare food and eco-lifestyle tips to help people live a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle. The Jazzy Vegetarian reaches out to mainstream Americans, dedicated vegans, and non-vegetarians alike who are on the path to wellness and health through earth friendly and compassionate food choices.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Beans, Glorious Garbanzo Beans 11.12/17 1:30 pm
Delightful Dairy-Free Desserts 11.32/25 4:30 pm
Dinner at Eight 11.33/18 4:30 pm
Kid's Classics Made Vegan 11.12/3 1:30 pm 11.33/25 4:30 pm
Main Dish Salads 11.32/18 4:30 pm 11.13/31 1:30 pm
Pizza Party! 11.32/4 4:30 pm 11.12/24 1:30 pm
Quick Quesadilla Supper 11.12/10 1:30 pm
Two-Ingredient Recipes 11.32/11 4:30 pm 11.13/24 1:30 pm
Vegan Holiday Celebration 11.33/4 4:30 pm
You Say Potato, I Say Delicious 11.33/11 4:30 pm