On Story

Austin Film Festival's ON STORY is a half-hour series that gives a behind the scenes look at the creative process of the country's most beloved movies and TV shows. The show is a mash-up of footage of screenwriter and filmmakers discussing their craft and films. Each episode is thematically paired with one or two short films, with an introduction from the film's writer or director. LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan says: "On Story" is film school in a box, a lifetime's worth of filmmaking knowledge squeezed into half-hour packages."

Series Website: https://video.klru.tv/show/on-story/

Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Conversation with Dana Gould 11.33/15 9:30 am
A Conversation with Graham Yost 11.32/16 9:30 am
A Conversation with Kevin McDonald 11.33/1 9:30 am
A Conversation with Larry Wilmore 11.33/22 9:30 am
A Conversation with Pamela Ribon 11.32/23 9:30 am
A Conversation with Sasheer Zamata 11.33/8 9:30 am
Awkward Black Girl: A Conversation with Issa Rae 11.23/29 5:00 am 11.23/29 3:30 pm
Deconstructing Jane Austen 11.22/23 5:00 am 11.22/23 3:30 pm
Deconstructing Nora Ephron 11.22/9 5:00 am 11.32/9 9:30 am 11.22/9 3:30 pm
Great Adaptations 11.23/1 5:00 am 11.23/1 3:30 pm
Planet of the Apes: Reimagining A Sci-Fi Franchise 11.23/22 5:00 am 11.23/22 3:30 pm
Script to Screen: A Quiet Place 11.23/15 5:00 am 11.23/15 3:30 pm
Script to Screen: American Gods 11.22/16 5:00 am 11.22/16 3:30 pm
Script to Screen: Snowpiercer 11.23/8 5:00 am 11.23/8 3:30 pm
The Original Disney Princess: A Conversation with Linda Woolverton 11.33/29 9:30 am
The Path of an Action Writer: A Conversation with Robert Kamen 11.22/2 5:00 am 11.22/2 3:30 pm
Wild Wild Country: A Conversation with Chapman & Maclain Way 11.32/2 9:30 am