This American Land

A unique series of magazine-style episodes hosted by Bruce Burkhardt, a former environmental reporter for CNN, and a fresh new talent, Caroline Raville. Each episode will link 5 or 6 stories, sometimes in a theme, showing how conservationists, fishermen, hunters and outdoor recreationists are sharing responsibilities for protecting America's natural heritage for future generations. The focus will be on will be on wild and beautiful places you've never heard about, and on passionate people protecting vital American landscapes, waters, and wildlife. There's nothing quite like this on national television; THIS AMERICAN LAND will be a distinctive approach to covering serious national conservation issues. We realize that many stations produce quality programming like this for their local markets, and we think there's a national audience for it in a series like ours. We will showcase stories from participating affiliates, drawing attention to the special natural resources their localities and what people are doing to protect them. Current participants are Oregon Public Broadcasting and Georgia Public Broadcasting. Segments will also be featured from local public broadcasting programs such as Outdoor Oklahoma and Exploring North Carolina. Each episode will also include a segment from the Science Nation series funded by the National Science Foundation.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Confronting Sea Level Rise, Protecting Wyoming Public Lands, Revising Forest Plans 11.212/17 12:00 pm
Conserving Las Vegas Water, Outdoor Afro, People's Garden, Motivation in Conservation 11.211/26 12:00 pm
Farmers Challenge Climate Change, The Salton Sea in Trouble, Songbirds Respond to Improved Habitat 11.212/10 12:00 pm
Friends of the Cheat River, Navajo Water, Saving the Red Wolf 11.211/19 12:00 pm
Ropeless Fishing to Save Whales, Women Hikers Give Back, Preserving Original Homesteads 11.211/5 12:00 pm
Safer Passage, Going for the Green, King of Camouflage 11.212/31 12:00 pm
Sage Grouse, Curlew Grassland, Tribute to Gary Strieker 11.212/24 12:00 pm
Sending in the Marines, Feeding the Beach, and Trailblazing Volunteers 11.211/12 12:00 pm