Cooking with Nick Stellino

Chef and cookbook author Nick Stellino celebrates his 18th year on public television with a brand-new lifestyle series, COOKING WITH NICK STELLINO. Each episode opens with Nick visiting some of his favorite grocers, butchers, cheesemakers and fishmongers. While on location, he happily shares his tips and tricks for selecting the ideal ingredients and the best culinary tools for the everyday cook. After each shopping trip, Nick returns to his sparkling new set, modeled after his own home kitchen. With the home cook in mind, he prepares elegant yet easily recreated recipes - from savory soups to authentic pasta and rice dishes to delectable desserts - in step-by-step fashion. With his signature charm, warmth and humor, he also shares easy plating techniques and other professional tips to help viewers turn their homes into their favorite restaurant.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Dinner to Remember 11.36/18 12:30 pm
A Shrimp Feast 11.36/2 9:30 pm
A Sicilian Meatloaf & Cake with Rum Sauce 11.35/2 12:30 pm 11.36/16 9:30 pm
A Taste of Italy 11.36/25 12:30 pm
Breakfast Favorites 11.35/16 12:30 pm
Elegant Veal Chops & A Delectable Cheesecake 11.36/9 9:30 pm
Espresso Ribeye & Fried Green Tomatoes 11.35/14 12:30 pm
Favorites with a Twist 11.35/28 12:30 pm
Grandma's Secrets 11.36/20 12:30 pm
Halibut with a Kick & Aristocratic Risotto 11.35/9 12:30 pm 11.36/30 9:30 pm
Incredible Soups 11.35/23 12:30 pm
It's All About Pasta! 11.35/5 9:30 pm
Luscious Soups 11.35/19 9:30 pm
Nick's Favorite Pasta & Strawberry Dessert 11.35/7 12:30 pm 11.36/23 9:30 pm
Nick's Favorites 11.36/6 12:30 pm
Seafood Feast 11.36/4 12:30 pm
Seafood Made Simple 11.35/12 9:30 pm
Southern Comfort 11.35/21 12:30 pm
Special Creations 11.36/11 12:30 pm
The Ultimate Bread Pudding 11.35/30 12:30 pm
The Ultimate Steak Dinner 11.35/26 9:30 pm
Upside-Down Apple Pie 11.36/27 12:30 pm
Veal Appeal 11.36/13 12:30 pm