EcoSense for Living

Thought-provoking series of eco-topics ranging from reconnecting kids to nature, green jobs, and healthy lifestyles limiting the impacts of toxins on our home and bodies. The series aims to empower viewers with practical solutions geared toward saving money, treading lighter on the planet, and improving quality of life.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

3 Billion Birds 11.111/2 1:00 pm
Bats & Blooms 11.112/28 1:00 pm
Marine Life Impacts 11.112/7 1:00 pm
Okefenokee Destiny/Everglades 11.112/21 1:00 pm
Return of the Buffalo 11.111/16 1:00 pm
The Agriculture Evolution 11.111/30 1:00 pm
The Future of Fire 11.112/14 1:00 pm
Wild Things Return 11.111/9 1:00 pm