Martha Bakes

This series enables the home baker to create the finest desserts and goodies in his or her home kitchen. Throughout the series Martha Stewart shares the best tips and techniques, giving viewers the confidence to create delectable baked goods -- from scratch -- in their own kitchens.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Breakfast Pastries 11.312/14 4:30 pm
Decorated Cupcakes 11.31/4 4:30 pm
Dried Fruit 11.31/5 11:00 pm
Embellished Pies 11.31/18 4:30 pm
Fanciful Tarts 11.312/21 4:30 pm
Frosted Cakes 11.31/25 4:30 pm
Impressive Chocolate Desserts 11.312/28 4:30 pm
Magnificent Meringues 11.312/7 4:30 pm
Perfect Puff Pastry 11.31/11 4:30 pm