Built to Last

Building a residential or commercial structure is a complicated process. This 13 episode television series gives us a comprehensive look at the professionals and practices that are involved in every level of construction from the ground up in order to give us insight to the construction process. Host Jana Petersen will guide us as we learn about the manufacture and installation of interior and exterior products, from foundations and siding to insulation and hardware finishes.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Case Studies: Children's Center 11.33/2 2:00 pm
Foundations 11.33/23 2:00 pm
Framing Practices and Materials Architect 11.33/30 2:00 pm
Green Building Interior Design 11.32/9 2:00 pm
Millwork and Commercial Interiors 11.32/16 2:00 pm
One Trade, Many Crafts 11.33/9 2:00 pm
Renewable Energy Systems 11.32/23 2:00 pm
Water Conservation and Management 11.32/2 2:00 pm
Why Build Green 11.33/16 2:00 pm