Fishing Behind The Lines

Fishing Behind the Lines with Don Meissner is a 13-part series designed to be a fishing show concentrating on the perspective of a serviceman or woman. Each week will highlight a day of fishing with an active duty or retired soldier, focusing on rehabilitative recreation through fishing, and the soldier's experiences.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Best of Pike & Muskie 11.39/3 2:30 pm
Fobare's Lake/Alfred Gee 11.39/24 2:30 pm
Fobare's Lake/Justin Walts 11.39/17 2:30 pm
Grass River/Mike Rist 11.38/27 2:30 pm
Kasoag Lake/Raymond Tanner 11.39/10 2:30 pm
Raquette River/Alex Hammond 11.38/6 2:30 pm
Raquette River/Robert Berry 11.38/20 2:30 pm