Power to the People

Climate change activist Melina Laboucan Massimo travels to visionary indigenous communities to discover innovative clean energy and sustainability stories that guide the way to our post carbon future.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Alert Bay, Bc 11.31/6 7:00 pm
Atlin, Bc 11.312/16 7:00 pm
Gull Bay, On 11.312/2 7:00 pm
Haida Gwaii, Bc 11.31/20 7:00 pm
Kluane, Yk 11.312/23 7:00 pm
Little Buffalo, Ab 11.312/9 7:00 pm
Sechelt, Bc 11.31/13 7:00 pm
Six Nations of the Grand River, On 11.312/30 7:00 pm
Teslin, Yk 11.31/27 7:00 pm