Joanne Weir Gets Fresh

JOANNE WEIR GETS FRESH carries forward the success of Joanne Weir's previous series with 15 brand-new half-hours featuring the award-winning and internationally admired cooking teacher, author, restaurateur and television personality. Joanne Weir uses her vast culinary experience and relaxed, down-to-earth approach to help viewers create healthy meals while highlighting the unique and vibrant flavors of fresh ingredients. JOANNE WEIR GETS FRESH follows Joanne as she forages at farms, ranches, farmers' markets, artisan butcher shops and local grocery stores to gather the best ingredients. Back in her home kitchen, Joanne teaches her students how to transform these ingredients into delicious, seasonal creations. Joanne's reflections and practical insights - often humorous, sometimes personal - inspire viewers to create and improvise meals from a wealth of fresh, market ingredients.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Alliums 11.310/23 12:00 pm
Beyond Meat and Potatoes 11.310/11 12:00 pm
Corn - Get An Earful! 11.39/13 12:00 pm
Eggs 11.310/16 12:00 pm
Fall Fruit 11.39/11 12:00 pm
Fresh Beans 11.39/27 12:00 pm
Fresh Bread 11.39/25 12:00 pm
Hearty Greens 11.310/30 12:00 pm
Nuts 11.310/25 12:00 pm
Roots 11.39/6 12:00 pm
Salads 11.310/18 12:00 pm
Slow Food 11.310/2 12:00 pm
Spice It Up 11.39/4 12:00 pm
Summer Fruit 11.39/20 12:00 pm
Summer Squash 11.310/4 12:00 pm
Tomatoes 11.310/9 12:00 pm
Winter Squash 11.39/18 12:00 pm