Ready Jet Go!

READY JET GO! is a 3D animated series for 3-8 year-olds with a focus on astronomy, scientific exploration, innovation and invention, and Earth as it is affected by our solar system. The show is about two neighborhood kids-one with an all-consuming drive for science fact and another with an overwhelming passion for science fiction. They both befriend the new kid on their street, Jet Propulsion, whose family happens to be aliens from Bortron 7. The comedy series teaches kids a variety of Earth science concepts (gravity, tides, moon phases, seasons) as well as an introductory explanation of innovation, astronomy, and our solar system.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Hammer and a Feather/Commander Mom 11.32/24 5:00 am
A Kid's Guide to Mars/Jet 2 11.31/8 5:00 am
Ain't No Mars Mountain High Enough/Treasure Hunt 11.31/14 5:00 am
Astronaut Ellen Ochoa! 11.31/27 5:00 am
Beep Has The Blues/Chore Day 11.31/7 5:00 am
Castaway Carrot/Jet Can't Sleep 11.32/22 5:00 am
Diggin' Earth/Mindy's Mystery 11.32/11 5:00 am
Earth, Wind, and Flyer/Mini-Golf at the Dsa 11.31/1 5:00 am
Eye in the Sky/Total Eclipse Block Party 11.31/29 5:00 am
Freebird/Sean's Robotic Arm 11.31/26 5:00 am
From Pluto with Love/A Star Is Born 11.31/21 5:00 am
Holidays In Boxwood Terrace 11.32/25 5:00 am
Jet's First Halloween 11.31/28 5:00 am 11.32/23 5:00 am
Mars Rock for Mom/Sean Has A Cold 11.31/5 5:00 am
Mindy Turns Five 11.31/13 5:00 am
Mindy's Ice Rink/Measure for Measure 11.31/11 5:00 am
Mission to Mars/Sounds Abound 11.32/12 5:00 am
Mission to the Moon/Mindy's Moon Bounce House 11.31/6 5:00 am
Moon Circus/Every Day Is Earth Day 11.31/22 5:00 am
Moon Face/Lone Star 2 - Rocket Kids! 11.31/15 5:00 am
More Than One Moon/Visit to Mom's Office 11.32/9 5:00 am
My Three Suns/Magnet P.I. 11.32/5 5:00 am
Not A Sound/Mindy In Space 11.32/26 5:00 am
Potatoes On Mars/Bortron Leprechaun 11.32/3 5:00 am 11.32/8 5:00 am
Sean's Neptune Tune/Earthday Birthday 11.32/17 5:00 am
Space Junk/Scientific Sean 11.31/19 5:00 am
Space Race/Jet's Time Machine 11.32/19 5:00 am
Sunspot and the Great Red Spot/Uncle Zucchini Babysits 11.31/12 5:00 am
Sunspot's Sunspot/Our Sun Is A Star! 11.32/15 5:00 am
The Mindysphere/Lone Star 11.31/25 5:00 am
Total Eclipse of the Sunspot/Sean's Year In Space 11.32/18 5:00 am
Try and Try Again/Racing On Sunshine 11.32/1 5:00 am
Water, Water Everywhere/Commander Cressida Story Contest 11.31/4 5:00 am
What's A Satellite/Satellite Selfie 11.31/18 5:00 am
What's Up with Saturn's Rings?/Sunspot's Night Out 11.32/16 5:00 am
Who Messed Up The Treehouse?/Fact Or Fiction? 11.32/4 5:00 am 11.32/10 5:00 am
Whole Lotta Shakin'/My Fair Jet 11.31/20 5:00 am
You Can Call Me Albedo/The Tide Is Hig 11.32/2 5:00 am