Science Goes to the Movies

Science Goes to the Movies is a new monthly series, co-hosted by Faith Salie and Dr. Heather Berlin, that looks at the science in contemporary motion pictures. Guests are drawn from different scientific disciplines, illuminating scientific truths or imaginings in films like Interstellar, Birdman, The Theory of Everything, Into the Woods, and more. The series encourages lively and informative conversation about concepts, as well as film portrayals of scientists and scientific inquiry, asking if there is real science behind a story, or if a screenwriter made something up. Is science leading dramatic imagination, or does imagination create new science? Faith Salie is a television and national public radio host, political and pop culture commentator (CBS Sunday Morning), interviewer, journalist and actor. Dr. Heather Berlin is an American neuroscientist focusing on brain-behavior relationships affecting the prevention and treatment of psychiatric disorders. The hosts review and comment on the science presented in the story lines of current film and TV offerings. Salie brings a fun, educated and informed layperson's overview, while Berlin offers more in-depth analysis. Special guests join our hosts for a lively and informative conversation about pop culture and science. Science Goes to the Movies guest include Dr. Neil deGrasses Tyson (Astrophysicist), Ira Flatow (Science Journalist, Host of "Science Friday"), Dr. Rosario Gennaro (Cryptologist, Director, Center of Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software (CAISS), Dr. Christof Koch (Neuroscientist, President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle), Gerard Ilaria (LCSW, Weill Cornell Medical College, Director of Operations, Headstrong Project), Derek Coy (Afghan Army Vet), Dr. Emily Rice (Astropysicist, Hayen Planetarium, American Museum of Natural History), Dr. Helen Fisher (Biological Anthropologist).

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Astrophysics and Cell Biology 11.32/3 5:30 pm
Burnt, Cooking & Chemistry 11.32/10 5:30 pm
Deadpool, Cancer and Immortality 11.33/2 6:30 pm 11.33/10 5:30 pm
Disaster Movies and You 11.33/9 6:30 pm 11.33/17 5:00 pm
Dr. Who: Quantum Physicist 11.32/17 5:30 pm
Human Vocal Production 11.32/3 5:00 pm
Ice Age/ for the Love of Spock 11.33/24 5:30 pm 11.33/30 6:30 pm
In the Heart of The Sea, White Whales and Conservation 11.32/2 6:30 pm 11.32/24 5:30 pm
Inside Out and the Science of Comedy 11.32/9 6:30 pm 11.33/3 5:00 pm
Mutants, Super Heroes and Genetics 11.32/23 6:30 pm 11.33/10 5:00 pm
Physics and the Flash 11.33/23 6:30 pm 11.33/24 5:00 pm
Ready Player One 11.33/31 5:00 pm
Real Dragons 11.33/16 6:30 pm 11.33/17 5:30 pm
Real Life Nanotech 11.32/10 5:00 pm
Star Trek/ Tony Stark's Lab 11.33/31 5:30 pm
The Drama of Space Travel 11.32/16 6:30 pm 11.33/3 5:30 pm
The Economics of the Hunger Games 11.32/24 5:00 pm
The Knick & Modern Medicine 11.32/17 5:00 pm