Nick Stellino: Storyteller in the Kitchen

For the first time, chef Nick Stellino invites viewers into his home to experience the recipes nearest to his heart in the 13-part series NICK STELLINO: STORYTELLER IN THE KITCHEN. Throughout the program, Nick travels down memory lane to revisit dishes inspired by his childhood and family in Sicily. He demonstrates step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow techniques, bringing Italian classics to life in a way that allows viewers to prepare new chapters in their own culinary experience. Each half-hour episode revolves around a theme, which is explored through candid moments, personal anecdotes, and lively preparations captured in his Los Angeles home. As a seasoned chef with a passion for food, Nick highlights an ingredient and sometimes a cooking utensil, and then expertly describes how each connects to his Sicilian culture and to Italian cuisine in the preparation of each unique meal. Featured dishes are steeped in Mediterranean tradition - salsiccia al sugo (sausages braised in tomato sauce over mashed potatoes), pasta alla norma (pasta with fried eggplant), and pasta alle vongole all'essenziale (clams and spaghetti) - and are reduced to their essence and explained and demonstrated in a manner that the home cook can easily manage and replicate. NICK STELLINO: STORYTELLER IN THE KITCHEN highlights Nick's love of food, humor and passion for all things Italian.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Bacon Or Pancetta 11.33/12 12:30 pm
Being Italian 11.32/25 12:30 pm
Dish to Name 11.33/24 12:30 pm
Family Matters 11.33/17 12:30 pm
Food Memories 11.33/10 12:30 pm
Funny Farm 11.12/19 2:00 pm
I Love Cheese! 11.33/5 12:30 pm
Meatballs for Life 11.13/18 2:00 pm
Soup for the Soul 11.13/4 2:00 pm
Sundays 11.12/5 2:00 pm
Tails' from the Gridiron 11.12/26 2:00 pm
The Food Artist 11.33/3 12:30 pm
The Gardener 11.32/27 12:30 pm
The Great Outdoorsman 11.33/26 12:30 pm
The Heart of the Artichoke 11.33/31 12:30 pm
The Inventor 11.13/25 2:00 pm
The Lobster Story 11.13/11 2:00 pm
The Ocean 11.12/12 2:00 pm
The Tomato Whisperer 11.33/19 12:30 pm
To Spoon Or Not to Spoon 11.32/20 12:30 pm