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The world of home cooking is undergoing a revolution with new tastes, flavors, techniques and influences. CHRISTOPHER KIMBALL'S MILK STREET TELEVISION wants to change how Americans cook by bringing home a fresher, bolder, simpler way of preparing food. Chris and his test cooks search the world over looking for the best recipes, and finding home cooks who can teach better ways to prepare a meal at home. The first season includes 40 all-new recipes, such as Central Mexican guacamole, Thai fried rice, Peruvian pesto, Japanese fried chicken, soba with miso butter and asparagus, tahini swirl brownies, lemon buttermilk pound cake, and more. Chris also shares tips and techniques designed to make home cooking easier, like how to make foolproof egg whites and how to season a carbon steel pan. As part of the debut season, Chris also travels overseas to cook with several internationally renowned chefs and authors, including: Fuchsia Dunlop, a Sichuan cooking expert; Claire Ptak, a food stylist and author of London's The Violet Bakery; and Andy Ricker in Thailand, known for his skill and expertise in northern Thai cuisine. Back in the kitchen, Chris transforms what the MILK STREET TELEVISION crew has learned into practical, simple recipes for home cooks everywhere.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

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Argentina Favorites 11.311/1 11:30 am
Baking In Paris 11.111/3 2:00 pm
Cake and Scones 11.311/3 11:30 am
Chicken Around The World 11.111/17 2:00 pm
Chicken from Paris to the Middle East 11.110/6 2:00 pm
Easy French Desserts 11.311/22 11:30 am
Greece Every Day 11.111/24 2:00 pm
Home Cooking In Taiwan 11.311/8 11:30 am
Indian Classics at Home 11.310/20 11:30 am
Italian The Right Way 11.110/27 2:00 pm
Japanese Tuesday Nights 11.311/17 11:30 am
Meatballs and More 11.310/18 11:30 am
Middle East Classics 11.311/15 11:30 am
New Israeli Cuisine 11.310/13 11:30 am
Pizza and Pasta 11.311/29 11:30 am
Quick Pasta 11.310/25 11:30 am
Quick Suppers from Madrid 11.311/10 11:30 am
Secret Italian Recipes 11.310/11 11:30 am
Secrets of Thailand 11.311/24 11:30 am
The Greek Kitchen 11.310/6 11:30 am
The Joy of Cooking Lebanon 11.110/20 2:00 pm
The New American Bakery 11.310/27 11:30 am
The Oaxacan Kitchen 11.110/13 2:00 pm
The Secrets of S Tir-Fry 11.111/10 2:00 pm