Knit and Crochet Now

Knit and Crochet Now! has a new look for Series 800. As always, you'll get the same wonderful knit and crochet designs and instructions you've loved in the past, but with new hosts and set. Hosted by lead designer Lena Skvagerson and crochet editor Connie Ellison, today's foremost designers Meredith Crawford, Ellen Gormley, Jenny King, Melissa Leapman, Kristen Mangus and Vanessa Wilson show how to create beautiful patterns and textures and use color in new ways. Make lacey cardigans, pullovers and tasseled afghans. Knit and crochet snuggly boots and cozy hats and cowls. And make fashionable purses and totes to take your yarn work everywhere in style. Get great tips from the technique corner, too.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Sense of Style Pullovers 11.112/6 1:30 pm 11.312/14 8:00 am
Chic Hand Warmers! 11.112/13 1:30 pm 11.312/28 8:00 am
Cold Weather Hats & Scarves 11.311/9 7:59 am 11.112/20 1:30 pm
Cozy Comfy Cardi's 11.111/27 1:30 pm
Filled with Texture Baby Blankets! 11.112/4 1:30 pm 11.312/7 8:00 am
Gnome Slipper Boots 11.311/16 8:00 am 11.112/27 1:30 pm
Gnomes Through The Year 11.112/11 1:30 pm 11.312/21 8:00 am
Gnomies Are My Homies 11.111/15 1:30 pm
Heart's A Flutter Blankets 11.111/20 1:30 pm
Let's Build A Snowman! 11.311/30 7:59 am
Mosaic Afghans 11.111/1 1:30 pm
Perk It Up Accent Pillows! 11.111/29 1:30 pm
Pet Couch Covers 11.111/8 1:29 pm
Stylish Shawls 11.111/22 1:30 pm
Teddy Bear Fun! 11.311/2 8:00 am 11.112/18 1:30 pm
The Versatile Poncho! 11.311/23 8:00 am
Top-Down Beanies 11.111/6 1:30 pm
Triangular Shawls 11.111/13 1:30 pm