Seeing Canada

Brandy Yanchyk's travel documentary, Seeing Canada, will connect viewers to the "Signature Experiences" Canada has to offer. Viewers will experience Canada's iconic nature, thrilling adventures and unique, varied culture through Brandy's eyes. These Signature Experiences have been fully vetted by the Canadian government's tourism department (known as Destination Canada). These experiences are adventurous in nature, making for great television! Rather than focus on current events, Seeing Canada's focus will be on the vibrant cities, culinary delights, world-class attractions, unique characters and natural wonders of Canada. Through Brandy's charm, sense of humor and curiosity, the audience will have the chance to learn something new about even the most familiar of destinations. Through her bold, adventurous spirit, we will be inspired to take an adventure ourselves. Through her compassion and sensitivity, we will see all the strands that make Canada worth seeing.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Alberta to British Columbia by Rail and The Northwest Territories 11.310/10 5:30 pm
British Columbia's Okanagan and Northern Ontario 11.310/3 5:30 pm
Inuit Culture in Nunavut and Grizzly Bears in British Columbia 11.39/5 5:30 pm
Lake Louise & Niagara Falls 11.310/31 5:30 pm
Nimmo Bay & Manitoulin Island 11.310/17 5:30 pm
Nova Scotia, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador 11.39/12 5:30 pm
Saskatchewan and Manitoba 11.39/26 5:30 pm
Saskatoon & Winnipeg 11.310/24 5:30 pm
Yukon Gold Rush and the Islands of Newfoundland 11.39/19 5:30 pm