Poetry In America

The 12-part series POETRY IN AMERICA draws students of all ages into conversations about poetry. Hosted by Harvard University professor Elisa New, each half-hour episode highlights the work of one distinguished poet (Emily Dickinson, Langston Hughes, Gwendolyn Brooks) with a reading by an individual well known for accomplishments outside the humanities (actress and playwright Anna Deavere Smith, Grammy-Award winner Herbie Hancock; former vice president Joe Biden, and rapper/poet Nas), as well as a chorus of others, including: a chorus of pick-up basketball players, young naturalists at the Massachusetts Audubon Society, and students at the Parsons School of Design. The fast-moving, beautifully shot series offers viewers a fully immersive experience in hearing, reading, and interpreting a single American poem. Scholar Elisa New opens a conversation about poetry and encourages viewers at home to extend the discussion past the episode's end.

Series Website: http://poetryinamerica.org

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Fast Break - Edward Hirsch 11.212/11 1:30 pm
Harlem - Langston Hughes 11.212/11 1:00 pm
I Cannot Dance Upon My Toes - Emily Dickinson 11.212/18 1:00 pm
Musee Des Beaux Arts - W.H. Auden 11.212/4 1:30 pm
The New Colossus - Emma Lazarus 11.21/29 1:00 pm
Those Winter Sundays - Robert Hayden 11.212/4 1:00 pm 11.21/11 8:00 pm 11.21/12 1:00 am 11.21/12 9:00 am 11.21/15 4:00 am 11.21/15 10:00 am 11.21/17 5:30 pm
To Prisoners - Gwendolyn Brooks 11.21/29 1:30 pm