Kevin Belton's New Orleans Kitchen

Recognized in 2014 as one of the top Louisiana chefs by the American Culinary Federation, chef Kevin Belton explores the wide mix of cultures that contribute to the distinctive food of New Orleans in KEVIN BELTON'S NEW ORLEANS KITCHEN - delving into the city's diverse culinary influences, including Cuban and Vietnamese cuisine. The new series showcases the food of the city, from fried oyster po-boy sandwiches with blue cheese and buffalo sauce and Creole brined chicken with collards and yams, to duck and andouille gumbo with potato salad. Throughout the 26-part series, Kevin also emphasizes the bounty of ingredients available in the local pantry - from coffee and seafood to citrus and more. In NEW ORLEANS KITCHEN, Belton continues his mission of teaching home cooks the hallmarks of New Orleans' flavorful cuisine while letting the good times roll, Kevin-style.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Aunt Dorothy's Arsenal 11.32/11 11:30 am
Butter Up 11.31/23 11:30 am
Cool Beans 11.32/6 11:30 am
Croatia - The Adriatic Influence 11.31/9 11:30 am
Cuban Connections 11.31/2 11:30 am
Gone Fishin' 11.31/14 11:30 am
It's Greek to Me 11.32/27 11:30 am
Latin America Meets Nola 11.31/21 11:30 am
Louisiana Yams 11.31/7 11:30 am
Mama's Deserts 11.32/20 11:30 am
Mirliton - The Tofu of Vegetables 11.32/4 11:30 am
Okra - A Deep South Staple 11.32/13 11:30 am
Pecans - Louisiana's Favorite Nut 11.31/16 11:30 am
Plaquemines Parish Citrus 11.32/18 11:30 am
Tailgating Dishes That Score 11.31/30 11:30 am
The Ubiquitous Eggplant 11.32/25 11:30 am
Vibrant Vietnamese 11.31/28 11:30 am