SKINDIGENOUS is a series of 13 half-hour documentaries on the art of tattooing as practiced by indigenous peoples around the world. Each episode dives into a unique indigenous culture to discover the tools and techniques, and the symbols and traditions that shape their tattooing art. The art of the tattoo becomes a lens for exploring some of the planet's oldest cultures and their unique perspectives on life, identity, and the natural world.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

India 11.33/25 6:30 pm
Kahnawake 11.33/11 6:30 pm
Lebret 11.34/8 6:30 pm
Los Angeles 11.33/4 6:30 pm
New Mexico 11.33/18 6:30 pm
New Zealand 11.34/22 6:30 pm 11.34/29 6:30 pm
Nimkii 11.34/15 6:30 pm
Taiwan 11.34/1 6:30 pm