Beyond Your Backyard

This is not your typical travel show. Beyond Your Backyard is a 30-minute, educational travel series highlighting destinations that people can travel to with ease. Veteran travel personality Erik Hastings (Erik The Travel Guy) reveals the "soul" of each destination he visits. Every episode digs deep to educate consumers on the history and culture, amazing experiences, delicious food, famous attractions as well as off-the-beaten-path haunts which locals and visitors love to visit. The show's editorial viewpoint is presented with integrity and humor designed to inspire viewers to travel.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Boone 11.33/28 12:00 pm
Colonial Williamsburg, VA 11.32/8 12:00 pm
Cozumel 11.33/7 12:00 pm
Little Rock 11.33/14 12:00 pm
New Orleans, LA 11.32/29 12:00 pm
PA's Great Outdoors Region 11.32/1 12:00 pm
Scottsdale 11.33/21 12:00 pm
The Bahamas 11.32/15 12:00 pm
Washington, DC 11.32/22 12:00 pm