Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan

TASTE OF MALAYSIA WITH MARTIN YAN is a journey of cultural discovery through this stunning gem in Southeast Asia. The 13-part series presents a wide variety of dishes from this tri-cultural landscape, as well as highlights diverse cultural and historical elements.

Series Website: http://www.yancancook.com

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Adventure on the Go 11.36/29 7:00 am
Cradle of Malaysia 11.36/8 7:00 am
Cultural Mosaic 11.35/4 7:00 am
East Coast Essence 11.36/15 7:00 am
Eight Million Cups of Tea 11.35/18 7:00 am
Langkawi 11.36/1 7:00 am
Life on the Pahang River 11.36/22 7:00 am
Loyal Friends In Setiawan 11.35/11 7:00 am
Penang Heritage 11.35/25 6:59 am