Earth Focus

EARTH FOCUS, a partnership between KCETLink and the Thomson Reuters Foundation provides audiences with urgent local and global environmental coverage that spotlights the issues, impact and possible solutions from a variety of unique perspectives.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Adaptation to Global Water Shortages 11.26/20 2:30 pm
City Planning 11.26/6 2:30 pm
Climate Migration 11.25/30 2:30 pm
Coal Mining In South Africa 11.25/9 2:30 pm
Future of Food 11.26/27 2:30 pm
Sea Level Rising: Living with Water 11.25/23 2:30 pm
The Price of Gold In Peru 11.25/16 2:30 pm
The Youth Climate Movement Around The World 11.25/2 2:30 pm