Eat Drink and Bake with Andrea

Chef and restaurant owner Andrea Anthony has been delighting patrons with her incredible dishes since 1972. Andrea is now bringing that passionate flair to the small screen with 'Eat Drink and Bake with Andrea' cooking show. The show is all about fun food and step by step recipes.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

A Taste of Mexico with Andrea 11.310/14 11:30 am
Barbeque with Andrea 11.310/7 11:30 am
Casual Italian Cuisine with Andrea 11.39/2 11:30 am
Downhome Cooking with Andrea 11.39/16 11:30 am
Healthy Light Cuisine with Andrea 11.39/23 11:30 am
Light Seafood Fare with Andrea 11.39/30 11:30 am
Meat and Potatoes with Andrea 11.310/21 11:30 am
Rustic Mediterranean Cuisine with Andrea 11.310/28 11:30 am
Vegetarian Cuisine with Andrea 11.39/9 11:30 am