Flavor of Poland

In the charming cooking and travel series FLAVOR OF POLAND, host Aleksandra August meets chefs and home cooks from distinct regions of Poland. Throughout the series, Aleksandra explores the history, culture and culinary heritage of medieval cities like Krakow and Warsaw, visits an Olsztyn snail farm, learns to bake Toru? gingerbread and tastes the hearty food of Polish highlanders in the mountain city of Zakopane. She then returns to her kitchen to share recreations of new and traditional Polish dishes.

Series Website: http://www.flavorofpoland.com

Recent and Upcoming Airings

Katowice 11.39/3 12:00 pm
Kielce 11.310/1 12:00 pm
Krakow 11.310/22 12:00 pm
Lublin 11.310/8 12:00 pm
Poznan, Gniezno 11.39/17 12:00 pm
Torun 11.39/24 12:00 pm
Warsaw 11.310/29 12:00 pm
Wroclaw 11.39/10 12:00 pm
Zakopane 11.310/15 12:00 pm