Step It Up with Steph

Two-time Emmy nominated Step It Up with Steph is a weekly dose of health, fitness, food and lifestyle entertainment providing holistic solutions to everyday problems to help viewers regain control of their health and wellness. This 6-episode series is hosted by Chicago's own celebrity Health & Fitness Expert, Stephanie Mansour, who is a regular contributor on national TV and cable programs, including the Today show, CNN and Dr. Oz. In each episode, Steph meets a guest who is struggling with a health or lifestyle issue, and along with a panel of experts, provides the guest with guidance and advice for making changes in her life, with a reveal of the guest's transformation, 4 weeks later. Additionally, the series includes fun "take it to the streets" segments where Steph asks random everyday people how they deal with a specific health/fitness issue. Also included are weekly workout sessions centered around each episode's main topic, as well as informative kitchen segments providing nutritional guidance from certified dietitians.

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Recent and Upcoming Airings

Anxiety Awakened 11.12/9 5:00 am 11.13/2 5:00 am
Balancing Act 11.12/16 5:00 am
Mastering Menopause 11.12/7 5:00 am 11.12/28 5:00 am
Sleepless Nights 11.12/14 5:00 am
Weight Loss Right Now 11.12/21 5:00 am
Working from Home 11.12/2 5:00 am 11.12/23 5:00 am