Medical Stories

Medical Stories is a new series produced to take viewers on an emotional and inspirational journey by way of storytelling, as the lens focuses on ordinary people going through extraordinary measures of courage and triumph. The stories of these patients are revealed by their incredible willpower to help inspire, improve and transform lives of others through their own personal narrative. These stories are reinforced by leading medical experts in the field. At times, the patient experience connects them with a remarkable support base community, which may help contribute to their positive outcome. The series is about connecting viewers with patients' stories of hope, encouragement, and empowerment to help enrich and transform the lives of others through powerful storytelling.

Recent and Upcoming Airings

All I Want to Do Is Breathe 11.31/30 12:30 pm
An Elusive Diagnosis 11.32/3 7:30 am 11.32/6 12:30 pm
Braving Cancer 11.32/24 7:30 am 11.32/27 12:30 pm
Finding Light In Darkness 11.31/9 12:30 pm
Finding Normal In An Electrical Storm 11.31/23 12:30 pm
Living A Full Life Wth A Royal Disease 11.31/2 12:30 pm
Rare Resilience 11.32/10 7:30 am 11.32/13 12:30 pm
Standing Tall 11.32/17 7:30 am 11.32/20 12:30 pm
Unfinished Portraits 11.31/16 12:30 pm