Mister Winner

Leslie Winner is one of the good guys. But he's forever finding himself in self-inflicted trouble. Despite his calamitous nature, he's found someone who'll put up with him - his fiancee Jemma. They're getting ready for their wedding, and if Leslie's going to pay for the honeymoon, he needs to find a job. And somehow manage not to get the sack. This loveable klutz is never far from a fresh disaster. Decorating a house, badly, with a paint gun. Wearing slippers to a high-pressure interview. Getting paid to 'play' a self-playing piano in a restaurant. Can Leslie stay out of trouble long enough to walk up the aisle with Jemma?

Recent and Upcoming Airings

The Package 11.35/2 11:18 pm
The Stag Do 11.15/4 8:30 pm 11.35/9 11:10 pm
The Wedding 11.15/18 8:30 pm 11.35/23 11:15 pm